This website was started by frustrated tenants of Beal Properties buildings in Chicago, IL who are tired of the poor management and building conditions they feel they have experienced.

This website will serve as a collection of building code violations, reviews, and testimonials from those who have rented or currently rent from Beal Properties.

Help us provide an accurate record to our fellow citizens in Chicago about Beal Properties. Share this website, or if you are a current or former renter, please consider sharing your experience on this website.

Live in a Beal Building? Share the poster with your fellow tenants to help us build our records for the community.

Why a Dedicated Website?

It’s become clear that the City has not put enough enforcement action against Beal Properties, with seemingly consistent failures to maintain their building in accordance with building code. Meanwhile tenants are often left unaware of such actions unless they know how to locate it.

Yelp, a common review site, has hidden over 400 mostly negative reviews of Beal Properties by deeming them as “unhelpful”. Yet, these are legitimate concerns of their tenants and provides a false assurance that Beal Properties is better than many have experienced. So we want to make sure the full experiences of Beal Properties are better known to prospective and current tenants.

We hope this site provides a public service as an editorial and review source and encourages the City of Chicago to adopt more stringent standards and provide a resource for tenants stuck in similar situations and allowing them to be able to move, regardless of their financial strength.