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To submit a review, please complete the below form. If you have any photos to associate with your review, please send them to with the same email you are reporting below so we can associate it properly.

Tips for Your Review

Please be responsible in your review. Be honest with your experience and avoid making any statements that are unsubstantiated.

Be sure to include the address of the building you lived in so we can properly associate the review to the building on the site.

Make sure to reference how much contact, how you contacted, and what led you to leaving (if you did) to provide a full picture to your fellow citizens.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Despite State and City laws, we understand that current tenants may feel afraid to post their actual name for fear of retribution. We respect and understand that. We will not share your email or full name with anyone unless legally compelled to in a court of law. If you still feel uncertain, feel free to put anonymous as the name.

Upon submission of your review, we will remove your full name and email, and only keep it in our records in case we reach out regarding action with the City or a formal class-action against Beal Properties.