Properties Managed by Beal Properties

Here is a list of properties in the Chicago, IL area that is covered by the City of Chicago. While Beal Properties also maintains some properties outside of Chicago, they will not be covered on this website at this time.

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4034-40 North Ashland Avenue
3823-29 North Fremont Street
3831 North Fremont Street
3933-43 North Janssen Avenue
3720-28 North Pine Grove Ave
3517-25 North Racine Avenue
740-50 West Addison Street
701-15 West Brompton Avenue
1444-50 West Byron Street
622-30 West Cornelia Avenue
654-64 West Cornelia Avenue
815-23 West Cornelia Avenue
947-57 West Cornelia Avenue
917 West Dakin Street
612 West Patterson Avenue
813-31 West Waveland Avenue
816 West Waveland Avenue


536 West Arlington Place
550 West Arlington Place
555 West Arlington Place
428-38 West Belden Avenue
427-33 West Belden Avenue
818 West Diversey Parkway
625 West Wrightwood Ave
660 West Wrightwood Avenue


4546 North Damen Avenue
4829 North Damen Avenue
4851 North Damen Avenue
4737 North Hermitage Avenue
4601-09 North Lincoln Avenue
4614 North Paulina Street
4631 North Paulina Street
4641 North Paulina Street
4425-35 North Paulina Street
4407-19 North Wolcott Avenue
4421-27 North Wolcott Avenue
2100-12 West Ainslie Street
2201-09 West Eastwood Avenue


2827 North Burling Street
3244-54 North Clifton Ave
2900-14 North Mildred Avenue
2840-46 North Orchard Street
530 West Aldine Avenue
550-60 West Aldine Avenue
445 West Barry Avenue
620-28 West Barry Avenue
635 West Barry Avenue
719-27 West Barry Avenue
505 West Belmont Avenue
711 West Belmont Avenue
739 West Belmont Avenue
510 West Briar Place
1050 West George Street
511 West Melrose Avenue
627-35 West Oakdale Avenue
639-47 West Oakdale Avenue
1115-27 West Oakdale Avenue
425 West Roscoe Street
540-48 West Surf Street
600-06 West Surf Street
445 West Wellington Avenue
540 West Wellington Avenue
556-58 West Wellington Ave
1101-03 West Wellington Avenue
1200-02 West Wellington Avenue
837 West Wolfram Street


2420 North Kedzie Boulevard
2317-27 North Rockwell Street
2834 West Palmer Street


1164 North Dearborn Street
1216-20 North Dearborn Street
1347 North Dearborn Street
1425 North Dearborn Street
1435 North Dearborn Street
1446 North Dearborn Street
1220 North LaSalle Street