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2016/03/08 Failed. Conservation inspection annual #274891.
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CN012022Failed to construct floor over basement with materials of at least one hour fire resistance, other than in single family and two family dwellings. (13-60-200)Basement ceilings – exposed floor joists.
CN061014Failed to maintain the exterior walls of a building or structure free from holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards or timbers and any other conditions which might admit rain or dampness to the walls. (13-196-530(b), 13-196-641)East elevation – spalling bricks.
CN065034Failed to maintain window sill in good repair and free from cracks and defects. (13-196-530(e), 13-196-550, 13-196-641)East window sills – washed out mortar.
CN073014Failed to maintain exterior door in sound condition and repair. (13-196-550(d) and (e), 13-196-641)Front and rear doors – deteriorated protective coat.
CN073024Failed to maintain exterior door frames to exclude rain and wind from entering building and otherwise in sound condition and repair. (13-196-550, 13-196-550(f), 13-196-641)Northeast and west exterior doors leading to porch areas – loose door jambs.
CN074014Failed to maintain exterior service walks, passage and areaways in clean, sanitary and safe condition. (13-196-630, 13-196-641)South service walk – shifting.
CN074024Failed to provide porch which is more than two risers high with rails not less than three and one-half feet above the floor of the porch. (13-196-570(b), 13-196-641West exterior stairs grade to basement areaway – guardrails are aprox. 20″ high and missing one one side.
CN104035Failed to maintain windows in sound condition and good repair. (13-196-550(b) and (f))All elevations, windows – peeling paint and warped mullions.
PL157047Stop leaking water. (18-29-102.3)North storage room, pipes – leaking.

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