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03/31/2020 – Beal Denies Assistance to Renters During COVID-19

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Rated 1.2 out of 5
1.2 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)
Very good5%

It’s embarrassing to say I live here

Rated 1 out of 5
March 4, 2023

Dirtiest apartment building I have ever lived in. It doesn5 get better, just worst. Fix and leave a mess. Patch and paint instead of repairing. Plumbing ancient. Laundry is in the basement which is smelly, dark & filthy. Elevator is out again. Lobby smells like chemicals used in a business next door. One star is for nice neighbors.


No price worth the price

Rated 1 out of 5
January 22, 2023

I can put up with a lot of bad conditions for cheap rent and I have. I was not under the impression this was an exactly high standard of living when I moved in but I just needed a place to keep my stuff and sleep. Somehow, it did not even meet that basic expectation. There are bugs, and not the “I live in a city and near the lake and it happens sometimes” kind of bugs, no matter how clean I leave this place I will come home and there will be a roach in the kitchen area. Never mind I never cook or eat here because of it, so I’m definitely not leaving food out, they come anyway. Worse in the summer, where they also come from the no longer active radiator pipes. One of the windows in my bathroom doesn’t close, been like that since I moved in. Sometimes there’s no hot water in the kitchen sink. Then about halfway through my stay here they switched to card laundry that’s more expensive despite the machines still sucking, and then wanted to raise rent 100 bucks with two weeks to decide lease renewal. See ya. The good things I will say is that I had positive experiences with the building engineer and other tenants in the building


They don’t care unless you owe them money

Rated 1 out of 5
January 14, 2023

I have had several issues since moving into my unit in Wrigleyville. Every time my building engineer IGNORES my messages! I had a broken toilet that took over a month before someone responded to me. The only reason they did was because I went off on them on the phone for calling me about a late rent payment.

A large dog attacked my husband in our courtyard and we filed a police report. The building engineer did NOTHING to help, in fact said they have no documentation of a dog matching the description so they can’t help.

My unit’s floors are terrible and my bed is falling thru the floor boards. I can’t get someone to come check out an electrical issue. I had no idea when moving to chicago this would happen, and tried hard to do research, yet I’ve found myself in this predicament.

I should have known to run when they tried to say my husband and I needed another co-signer and that we needed to submit everything immediately or else we would lose the apartment. I pushed back and we got the apartment without another co-signer. They don’t care about health or safety of tenants. Hopefully I can get someone to look at this electrical issue before my building burns down.


I would recommend my enemy to live here

Rated 1 out of 5
December 17, 2022

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO MY ENEMY TO LIVE HERE. If there was negative 100 star I’d give it without hesitation.

1) my car got vandalized in their paid parking($200 a month) they don’t have cameras there and not responsible for ANYTHING. Since my car insurance didn’t cover vandalism I had to pay out of my pocket $900 and asked management if at least they could give me 1 month free parking. Of course answer is no, they love their money and being not responsible for anything and not even installing a single camera in parking lot.

2) couple times on my assigned parking spot someone illegally parked and they don’t let you call towing company to tow it away, only office can do it on weekdays 9am-5pm. And guess what, when you arrive at 2 am in your house you can’t sleep in your bed. You’ll have to sleep in the car since you don’t want your car towed away. So get some pillows and blankets in the car.

3) right now 2 months left till my lease ends and they bothering me and my family showing my apartment to possible new tenants TWICE A WEEK. This is the worst experience in my life, would never recommend anyone to live here.



Rated 1 out of 5
December 9, 2022

I recently applied to rent out a unit here but was told that I needed a cosigner. However, my credit was not poor and my income met the requirements. They still insisted I needed another cosigner aside the one I had provided. Not to mention, my current rent was higher than their leasing apt. The place wasn’t even all that for me to look for another cosigner. Not sure if I was getting scammed, they were being discriminative, or they just took my application fee.


Maintenance and Management do not care

Rated 1 out of 5
December 9, 2022

I’ve been living here for almost a year – my apartment was NOT clean when I moved in, my stove still doesn’t fully work, the resident below me I’ve called the police on multiple times for beating up his girlfriends and management won’t do anything, maintenance never comes when they say they will (or they come without telling you and enter without permission), showers don’t work properly, building is always dirty, heaters don’t work properly, windows aren’t sealed properly so cold air comes through.


Frozen Pipes, Leaky ceiling and massive building FIRE to top it off!

Rated 1 out of 5
May 3, 2022

Visually, our apartment looked great when signing the lease, but we quickly discovered many issues. The ceiling above our tub was leaking and although management said they would repair, they never did. We were woken up to no hot water in the winter due to frozen pipes in our kitchen. The building engineer had to RIP out the wall to unfreeze the pipes and never repainted. Our grand finale was the building fire that took place 2 floors above us. No fire alarms went off, no explanation of the fire and no cleaning done for weeks. The building smelled of smoke, the walls were damaged, water was running out of electricity sockets, and the burned unit was not boarded up – it remained open to the outside for over a week even though management said “We immediately boarded it up!” when I have photo evidence that it was not. We requested vent cleaning, management has been slow to respond and a month later we have had no proper cleaning of apartment ventilation or updates on the repairs. We even overheard an agent showing a damaged unit in the building that was directly under the fire saying not to mind the hallway as they were just “repainting the walls”. Please avoid this company at all costs so you don’t experience what we experienced. P.S Always check your fire alarms. Peace & Blessings


Highland Park native – avoid Beal!

Rated 1 out of 5
January 2, 2022

I am a Highland Park native and thought I could move back into the area without issue. Not with Beal though! They do not screen and weed out criminals, so I am stuck with druggies destroying this rich neighborhood. Drug trafficking is common here through out of state degenerate tenants. Beal values money, while they are destroying safe communities with the degenerates they rent to. I never encountered junkies until I moved here. The police and city sent them out. Now, slumlords welcome them in to destroy rich areas, while taxpayers suffer as a result. I cannot believe one managing company can destroy so many safe towns over money, but that’s what’s happening here. I will be contacting my attorney to break the lease since there’s no resolution to this situation except leaving. I am bitterly disappointed that Highland Park allows this slumlord to keep operating within their city.


Roaches because of nasty neighbors

Rated 1 out of 5
September 25, 2021

One unit in my building is disgusting and should be condemned. They constantly leave loose, open trash piled up outside their door, and I’ve gotten roaches in my unit recently that are probably coming from that one. I’ve complained about their trash many times (at least 8 from my email history).

Laundry is too expensive ($2/wash & $2/dry), and they raised rent during the pandemic (so I’m now paying over $1000/month for this sh*thole). I’ve been trying to get out of my lease since it renewed in April, and now it’s almost October. I found out in April (first month of my current 1 year lease) that I’m supposed to be leaving Chicago and they wouldn’t work with me at all to try to shorten or let me out of my lease even though it had just started, so I have to pay them $2000 to break my lease or find some other poor soul to take it instead. I hate this place so much.

The only positives are the proximity to the train and the large size of a studio apartment. I should’ve done more research before signing.


Dangerous living conditions with staff who don’t care

Rated 1 out of 5
September 23, 2021

I lived in the 4851 N Damen location from 2018-2020. During this time, I had issues with cockroaches, internet access, my refrigerator freezing my food, a hole in the bathroom ceiling that leaked when my neighbors flushed, the building engineer keying into my apartment at 9pm with no warning, and he sent threatening texts to my boyfriend. None of this was handled by the company. We had to break our lease at the end because we felt so unsafe—both physically and health wise.


Nightmare on hermitage ave

Rated 1 out of 5
September 18, 2021

I moved in on 09/04/2021 with no lock. My wall as are cracked and painted over not sealed. The tenant below me is smoking up a storm and I was told this was a non-smoking building. All appliances failed within the first week, ruining my groceries. An unauthorized repairman came into my home while I wasn’t there and pissed all over my bathroom floor and toilet. There was black mold in my fan that they got in my bathtub, sink, and toilet and they didn’t test it. They ruined my bath and kitchen Matt and now my fridge smells like coolant. THIS HAS BEEN WEEK 2. RUN AWAY.

Sophia H.

Tenant safety and well-being not taken seriously

Rated 1 out of 5
August 1, 2021

I have lived at 1050 W George St. for almost a year now, and my lease cannot end soon enough. Upon moving in, my unit reeked of gas which is an obvious safety concern; I reached out to my building engineer immediately, and his response was that he had a long day and was too tired to look at it that night. Due to concern of a gas leak, I had to take the matter into my own hands and contact the apartment building’s gas company late at night so they could address the issue. Low and behold, there was a gas leak in my kitchen which the professionals deemed as being a potentially severe hazard. Luckily the gas company took the matter seriously and expressed equal concern over my apartment’s lack of urgency to address the issue. Furthermore, living here in the winter was absolutely dreadful, specifically if you are a dog owner. You are forced to take your dogs in and out of the back door which is at the end of a filthy alley that is covered in ice during much of the winter. Even though physically getting to the door during the winter months was a threat to anyone’s safety, Beal Properties failed to effectively remove the ice the entire season, so I was unable to enter the building without fear of injuring myself. Additionally, there were no “Caution” signs in the winter, despite the floors in the building constantly being wet and slippery from the snow, up until I got physically injured from slipping backwards on the stairs inside the building’s front door. I sustained a mild concussion and major scrapes and bruises, and the incident was addressed minimally at best by management. Only after this and my pointing out their obvious negligence due to their lack of signage were Caution signs placed throughout the building. Lastly, the summer months are equally miserable for their own reasons. Of course there is no central AC and Beal Properties does not provide any kind of air whatsoever, despite the inside getting as warm as 88 degrees. Although I have my own window AC unit (which they charge to install and uninstall), a large window fan, a powerful tower fan, and my ceiling fan running at all times, my unit is averaging at 85 degrees during hot summer months making it almost unbearable to sleep, let alone live somewhat comfortably in my home. My property manager Dominique is great at avoiding e-mails and doing the bare minimum when it comes to addressing tenant concerns. All in all, this is by far the worst rental experience I have ever had and I am going to do everything in my power to avoid living somewhere managed by Beal Properties again.

Ellery M

Great location, nice units

Rated 4 out of 5
May 1, 2021

I lived at 612 W Patterson for a little over 2 years and had a great experience. I lived in one of the studio units on the first floor, facing west, which looked out into the next door courtyard. Overall I really liked the building and felt like it was a great price for the area and for a renovated unit. The downsides are that the elevator was constantly broken (wasn’t an issue for me on the first floor), and the building to the west can be loud sometimes. But overall I had a great experience and any maintenance issues were taken care of fast.

Elyse T

Three water leaks in one year

Rated 1 out of 5
March 29, 2021

This place is horrible at repairs. My bathroom has sprung a third leak within a year. The leaks all originate from plumbing in my bathroom walls and they’ve had to tear down the walls every time. Absolutely horrible place.

Aaron K

Apartment was freezing and management does not care

Rated 1 out of 5
January 15, 2021

I lived in a Beal building (957 W Cornelia) for 2 years and could not wait for my lease to terminate so I could get out. My apartment only had electric floorboard heating, which is designed for supplemental heating, though Beal passed that off as acceptable. It cost a fortune to pay the electric bill over the winter, with the heaters turned up to the maximum level and my apartment would remain under 60 degrees (F) despite Beal emailing residents reminding us to keep our apartments heated. I had several maintenance requests submitted that took weeks and several repeated phonecalls to have anyone come look, often even when they’d come they would “fix” it and then it would return to it’s previous state but it wasn’t even worth the energy to try to get maintenance back again. Any time I hear of someone looking to rent from Beal I discourage it, you could not pay me to live with Beal.


This company sucks

Rated 1 out of 5
December 30, 2020

This apartment doesn’t have working plumbing and the walls are hot glued to the floor they forced us into a month to month lease because they are doing construction, we’re moving out.


917 W Dakin

Rated 1 out of 5
May 17, 2020

If Beal is saying their standards are higher, then I have a bridge to sell them in the middle of nowhere. Our lease process was a nightmare. Constant ignored communications with us and our real estate agent, along with not receiving our lease until 4 pm of the day we were supposed to be moving in!

When we first moved in, we were greeted to an apartment with broken windows, it was unclean, and multiple broken appliances. This “never happened before” they would say. “This is unusual” they said. This should have been our warning. Two months into our lease, Beal decided they no longer wanted to maintain the rooftop deck that was part of the building and silently closed it. No remuneration. Multiple requests to adjust rent for it were ignored.

Email after email we received no response. Soon after, a former tenant known to Beal regularly entered the building, accessing our mailbox. Had keys to our unit. Great! It took months to address this problem former tenant, who apparently moved out 3 years prior to us. We then get the cops out when she came in one time, for Beal to then release them “feeling bad for them” after we were being harassed via text message, phone, and in-person. Throughout our lease they have come in to replace windows and appliances. Meanwhile our walls continue to grow cracks, bubbles, tears. Ceiling as well. Doors are coming off hinges inside and outside the unit.

The bottom floor of the building gets extremely cold because they aren’t maintaining the exterior doors. Our building was cited for 16 violations by the City 3 years prior to us moving in. They were inspected this year. So that’s 5 years later, and guess what? Same 16 violations at minimum. The city wants to inspect the units but surprise, Beal makes no effort to tell its tenants. Our carbon monoxide detector was burned out. Literally burned. I don’t trust them on life safety anymore. Could you blame me? With outstanding violations about fire resistant doors, stair configuration, emergency exit sign issues, and more, this building is a disaster waiting to happen. There are plenty of other issues in my unit but I’m so tired of trying with them.

So let’s talk about the common area’s… Our elevator is operating without a certificate of inspection. In fact, it failed inspection when the city came to check it after someone filed complaints. The emergency phone doesn’t work so if you get stuck, good luck.

The laundry room is trash. It has exposed telephone wiring in it, the water heater is openly exposed, and the machines fail so often that it’s a miracle if you can go a week without losing $2 (Yes, $2 per machine for use), or more, or have to spend 5+ hours on a single load of laundry because apparently replacing worn machines is too difficult for them to task. Another (I assume) former tenant was so ticked off at them for this, they cut the power cable to one of the machine, for it to take beal no less than 3 months to replace said machine.

Beal’s response now that the machines are failing more? “We offer laundry as a convenience, we make no guarantee”. Really? Because Chicago law says landlord provided equipment must be maintained in sound order and that such waiver is not legal. Plus, you advertise that we have a laundry room. So it’s either false advertising or a breach of the municipal code. What do you want?

Regardless… I’ve lost my patience with this company, and the four now property managers since our almost 2 year tenure. The failing machines, the steady code violations, and the seeming lack to care about improving their buildings suggests they don’t belong in the business. All they will do is lie to you about their efforts until a check has to be written, then they try to walk around it.

So is this an isolated issue? My neighbors say no. They’ve also experienced dirty apartments on move-in, retaliation for reporting issues, failure for them to take menial steps to properly repair and failing to pull permits for work that requires it.

Everything I said can be further confirmed by other complaints all over the internet, and in City of Chicago Department of Buildings records that are accessible online.

Since my original review on Yelp and my initial threat to leverage the RLTO on Beal, they proceeded to “put lipstick on a pig” by finally starting to bring the building partially into code, while cutting as many corners as they can, and last I checked, they didn’t pull permits for a single thing. So was it even done by appropriate contractors? The paint is already chipping and ripping off the doors and walls. Not even 3 months after their work. Oh, and did I mention they STILL haven’t resolved all the laundry issues. They finally replaced 1 more machine. Woo. Such effort. Now if only they handled the remaining 6. The structure in our apartment continues to degrade, we began getting water leaks, and the extent of their work was to patch the roof. Internal in the apartment, they don’t care.

Honestly, just avoid Beal Properties if you can. There are better landlords in Chicago that actually care about their buildings and put their money where their mouth is. These people don’t. If you have a current lease with them and are having problems, get in touch with the MTO or someone who can help you understand the RLTO and get out of here. They don’t deserve tenants until they cleanup their act. After having read everything on this website, I’m disgusted. I wish I knew this stuff prior to moving in, I would have never chose them.


Unnecessary reroute from main bldg entrance

Rated 1 out of 5
May 14, 2020

For an entire week, we were all forced to utilize the rear entrance into the back alley while construction crews tore up and rebuilt the front lobby FLOORING because rather than remove the tree root from growing up through the concrete, they chose to chip away at cement flooring, replace with new cement and varnish even though the “bubble” or groove created a 6 inch elevation in the floor would cause you to trip when using the front door. It was frightening using the dark alley at night because the alley light was burnt out. The smell of the varnish coming from the flooring job required towels under doors to keep smell out.

Also, black mold was painted over.

The stairs in my building were NOT building-code approved an when I required an ambulance they couldn’t fit a bed up or down the stairs to remove me.

S Ling


Rated 1 out of 5
May 11, 2020

I am not someone who ever writes reviews but if I could give negative stars I would. Beal Properties allowed myself and other tenants to move into the property on 705 W Brompton which is infested with bedbugs. I slept there one night and woke up with bites all over my back. I immediately notified them and they took 3 days to even call an exterminator. It took me making several calls to the exterminator to get them to even push it up a day. When the exterminator came all they did was spray when extensive research shows that the most effective treatment is heat treatment. During this time I had to buy contractor bags and large bins to store all my belongings in and put everything in the middle of the room. It’s a pandemic so I could not go stay with family and yet they made no offer to house me or my dog elsewhere during this time, expecting me to stay there and be eaten alive night after night. WORSE, even after I notified them they continued to allow other new tenants to move in and did not notify these new tenants of the ongoing issue, confirming my theory that they were aware of the issue prior to my move in as well. All the new tenants who moved in within a day of me ended up having bedbugs in their units. Prior to this, none of us had bedbugs. There is no way any of us brought them with us. I ended up having to spend thousands of dollars to pay for a hotel, dog boarding, replacing expensive furniture I had to throw out, and buying new clothes while all other clothes were bagged up. The “dryers” in the units are not connected to a vent so they use steam heat to dry your clothes which proves ineffective when trying to get rid of bed bugs which require a high heat dry (120 degrees) for about an hour. I asked Beal Properties to terminate my lease, return my security deposit and fees and to compensate me for all the expenses I incurred as a result of their negligence. They delayed me at every turn chalking up bedbugs to an “inconvenience”. They refused to compensate me for my expenses which were around $7500, even though I only asked for $5000. I consulted with an attorney with past experience with this property group about what my options were as a tenant…Right now because the courts are closed there is little you can do. Even if the courts weren’t closed, I was informed by my lawyer that companies like this one almost always delay with motion after motion until the plaintiff racks up lawyer fees to the point where suing for damages would be pointless. They are a predatory leasing company. DO NOT LEASE with them. I have read other reviews online about vermin issues in their buildings. Save yourself the financial, physical and emotional pain and suffering. I am in a new apartment now and have disinfected all my stuff and thrown away so many belongings and still can’t sleep at night.

lauren thornton