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2017/04/04 Failed. Conservation annual inspection #11198565.
See details below.

** Special Note: There was also an inspection that failed in 2019, but no details exist. Given the recent more detailed inspection in 2017, we are highlighting it’s information below. **

CN015062Failed to remove obstruction from exitway that hampers travel and evacuation. (13-160-070, 13-196-080)Rear rooftop exit to fire escape from rear six floor apartment blocked by chainlocked iron door . Fire safety hazard .
CN015062Failed to remove obstruction from exitway that hampers travel and evacuation. (13-160-070, 13-196-080)South elevation – garbage containers blocking fire escape fly section at grade. Fire and safety hazard .
CN061014Failed to maintain the exterior walls of a building or structure free from holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards or timbers and any other conditions which might admit rain or dampness to the walls. (13-196-530(b), 13-196-641)East elevation – washed out mortar with spalling bricks.All elevations cable lines loose ,hanging out of raceway , tangled , open cable boxes at rear .
CN062024Failed to maintain parapet wall in good repair and free from cracks and defects. (13-196-530 and 13-196-641)South elevation parapet wall at 5th and 6th floors – washed out mortar, open mortar joints .East elevation at North , parapet spalled bricks , open mortar joints .
CN063014Failed to maintain chimney in safe and sound working condition. (13-196-590, 13-196-530(b) and (c), 13-196-641)Southeast brick chimney – washed out mortar, open mortar joints . East elevation center large iron chimney , rusted flaking paint , holes rusted through at base , door panel at base not fitting in opening .
CN065024Failed to maintain projection from wall of building in good repair and free from cracks and defects. (13-196-530(e), 13-196-641)West elevation , first floor , iron window bars loose from mounts , leaning out , rusted , flaking paint .
CN067024Failed to maintain roof eaves in good repair and free from cracks and defects which may admit rain. (13-196-530, 13-196-530(c), and 13-196-641)Northwest commercial space ,exterior entry way ceiling flaking , water damaged panels .
CN072014Failed to adequately protect fire escape against corrosion and to maintain it by scraping and painting the fire escape at least once every three years. (13-160-640, 13-160-650)Rear fire escape , rusted , flaking paint , fly stair section twisted .
CN074014Failed to maintain exterior service walks, passage and areaways in clean, sanitary and safe condition. (13-196-630, 13-196-641)West along building – service walk – shifting , buckled , missing , large section sunken and collapsed with fractured concrete. Trip hazard.Requires replacement .
CN076044Failed to maintain roof downspouts in good repair and working condition. (13-196-590, 13-196-630(b), 13-196-641, 18-29-1101, 18-29-1105, 18-29-1106)West downspouts rusted with flaking paint .
CN101015Failed to maintain interior walls and ceilings free from holes or cracks. (13-19-540(c))Northwest commercial space front showroom ceiling collapsed section with water leaking from apartment bathroom #201 above .
CN101025Failed to maintain interior ceilings and walls reasonably smooth, clean and tight and free from chipped or loose plaster or structural material. (13-196-540(d) and (e))Basement bike room , spalled bricks , flaking coating .
CN104015Replace broken, missing or defective window panes. (13-196-550 A)Rear , East and West elevations , basement windows plywood boarded . West elevation , first floor center window , broken glass .
CN104025Failed to maintain window sash in good condition and so it fits reasonably tight within its frame. (13-196-550(b))Rear , East and West elevations , basement windows rotted , deteriorated with flaking paint
CN104035Failed to maintain windows in sound condition and good repair. (13-196-550(b) and (f))West elevation , first floor windows , rotted frames flaking paint .
CN106015Failed to maintain interior stairway system in safe condition and sound repair. (13-196-570)Front interior corridor stairway missing handrails on both walls .
CN107035Failed to maintain all exit signs illuminated when building is occupied and otherwise maintain exit signs in good condition. (13-196-090, 13-160-700 thru 13-160-770)All floors and stairways , exit signs broken , exposed wires , signs peeled , out of service . Permit required for repairs .
CN131026Repair or replace defective screen. (13-196-560 B)East and West elevations , torn , loose and missing window screens .
CN134016Rid premises of rodents and seal rodent holes. (13-196-530 D, 13-196-540 A, 13-196-630 C)East at catch basin area – rats
CN135016Exterminate rodents in building and seal openings through which they gain access. (13-196-530 D, 13-196-630 C, 7-28-660)East and West along building and yard – rat holes in service walks and landscape along fences .
CN138066Remove debris from demolition. (13-124-110)Basement bike room , bricks and piped stored , rat harborage .
CN194029ProvideProvide per code section 18-27-700.6 Emergency lighting . Emergency lighting missing on all floors , corridors , all stairways all basement rooms and rooftop exit for six floor apartment . Plans and permits required .
CN194029ProvideProvide per code section 13-76-020 Fire Safety Compartments . Rear corridor fire doors proped open with wood shims . Not closing ,missing fire rated labels . Front hallway at first floor fire door missing from door frame at stairway .
CN197087Install carbon monoxide detector within 40 feet of every sleeping room in residential structure. (13-64-190, 13-64-210) A carbon monoxide detector is needed whenever there is a heating appliance on the premises that burns fossil fuel such as gas, oil, or coal, or air that is circulated through a heat exchanger. Install according to manufacturer instructions. A hard wired model requires an electrical wiring permit. In a single family residence, be sure the detector is on or below the lowest floor with a place to sleep. In a multiple dwelling residence heated by a boiler, install a detector in the same room as the boiler. Otherwise, each apartment follows single family guidelines. The owner is responsible for installation and written instructions, the tenant for testing, maintenance, and batteries.Basement laundry room – carbon monoxide detector out of service at time of inspection .
CN198019File building registration statement with Building Dept. (13-10-030, 13-10-040)Building – Not registered 2017 year .
EL0029Remove exposed wiring. (18-27-300.4)Basement electrical meter room , exposed wires at light switch .
NC2011Performed or allowed work to be performed without submitting plans prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed architect or registered structural engineer for approval and without obtaining a permit to perform the work. (13-32-010, 13-32-040, 13-40-020, 13-12-050)Submit plans and obtain permits for all related work to provide second egress path from 6th floor rear apartment . Provide exit walk surface , guardrail system with emergency backup lighting and exit path lighting to rear fire escape .
NC3032Failed to provide outside exit from building at grade level leading to public way directly or by means of a yard, court or fire resistant passageway enclosed with walls, floors and ceiling with at least two hour fire resistance. (13-160-230)Basement bike storage room , laundry room and all mechanical rooms only one exit from hall in rear . Fire and safety hazard to tenants and occupants . Plans and permits required to provide addition exiting . Plans to include all emergency lights and exit path lighting for all rooms and hallway
NC4032Failed to enclose interior stairwell in building over three stories by partitions with at least two hour fire resistance. (15-8-140)Front interior stairway not enclosed at first floor . Missing fire rated enclosure and fire rated door assemble . Plans and permits required .
NC5012Failed to provide stairwell opening with self-closing, framed, 1-1/2 hour Class B door. (15-8-180)All stairway doors at all levels being held open with wood shims . Not closing or latching , rubbing on frames , sagging . Fire rated tags missing .
NC6012Failed to enclose public corridor in multiple dwellings with partitions, floors and ceilings providing at least one hour fire resistance. (13-64-020(b))Basement laundry room , door and frame rotted and loose . Missing fire labled door , frame and closure .
PL154027Supply adequate hot water with minimum temperature of 120 degrees F. (13-196-430)Hot water pipes busted , leaking Apartment # 201 bathroom – no hot water furnished Apartments #201( vacant unit ) , #301 , #401 and #501 . Water leaking into first floor Northwest commercial space .

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