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2018/07/05 Failed. Conservation annual inspection #10957011
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CN015062Failed to remove obstruction from exitway that hampers travel and evacuation. (13-160-070, 13-196-080)Rear access to fire escape – obstructed by 6 foot fence erected without gate. No access to rear fire escape areaway.
CN062024Failed to maintain parapet wall in good repair and free from cracks and defects. (13-196-530 and 13-196-641)North elevation, Parapet – Wood panels rotting.
CN063014Failed to maintain chimney in safe and sound working condition. (13-196-590, 13-196-530(b) and (c), 13-196-641)South elevation, chimney – Severely washed out mortar with fractures and shifting brick.
CN066014Failed to maintain oriel window in good repair and free from cracks and defects. (13-196-530(e), 13-196-641)North elevation, 2nd Oriel windows – Underside of window soffit – Missing sections of metal finish, exposed substrate.
CN101015Failed to maintain interior walls and ceilings free from holes or cracks. (13-19-540(c))627-29 W./ Front interior stair, 3rd and 4th floors – Water damage to ceiling and floor landing soffit under skylight. Basement – All basement walls water damaged at base of wall and some ceiling surfaces, with black mildew.
CN103015Failed to maintain floor free from holes and wide cracks and free from loose, warped, protruding or rotting floor boards. (13-196-540(a) and (b))627-29 W./ Front interior stair, 4th floor Landing weak and gives under weight. wood floor water damaged and rotten.
CN104015Replace broken, missing or defective window panes. (13-196-550 A)South elevation, 4th floor – Missing window. South elevation, Penthouse – Window broken.
CN105015Repair or replace defective door. (13-196-550)629 W./ 1st foor unit door – large gap, door not properly set.
CN106015Failed to maintain interior stairway system in safe condition and sound repair. (13-196-570)627-29 W./ Front interior stair, 4th floor and at multiple floors – Railings weak and rotten, some missing pickets. 627-29 W./ Interior stairs from 1st floor to basement – Treads and railing weak.
CN111105Provide sufficient sanitary facilities. (13-196-350, 13-196-360, 13-196-370)Basement – All areas Including boiler room staorage areas and laundry room – Recent signs of flooding , floors wet, walls damp with water marks and black mildew and strong odor of sewage.
CN133016Repair or replace defective and dangerous carpeting. (13-196-630, 13-196-540)627-29 W./ Front interior stair, 3rd and 4th floors – Carpet filthy.
CN190020Arrange for entry to inspect construction work authorized by recently issued building permit. (13-12-100)Arrange Inspection for work completed for rear open metal porch system per permit # 100324928 and Repairs to Fire escxape per permit # 100486221. All work subject to field inspection review and approval by Iron Bureau. No plans on site, no access to rear fire escapes.
CN197087Install carbon monoxide detector within 40 feet of every sleeping room in residential structure. (13-64-190, 13-64-210) A carbon monoxide detector is needed whenever there is a heating appliance on the premises that burns fossil fuel such as gas, oil, or coal, or air that is circulated through a heat exchanger. Install according to manufacturer instructions. A hard wired model requires an electrical wiring permit. In a single family residence, be sure the detector is on or below the lowest floor with a place to sleep. In a multiple dwelling residence heated by a boiler, install a detector in the same room as the boiler. Otherwise, each apartment follows single family guidelines. The owner is responsible for installation and written instructions, the tenant for testing, maintenance, and batteries.Basement boiler room – Missing carbon monoxide detector.

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