4737 North Hermitage Avenue

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2019/03/14 Failed. Conservation annual inspection #12851405 per complaint.

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Nightmare on hermitage ave

Rated 1.0 out of 5
September 18, 2021

I moved in on 09/04/2021 with no lock. My wall as are cracked and painted over not sealed. The tenant below me is smoking up a storm and I was told this was a non-smoking building. All appliances failed within the first week, ruining my groceries. An unauthorized repairman came into my home while I wasn’t there and pissed all over my bathroom floor and toilet. There was black mold in my fan that they got in my bathtub, sink, and toilet and they didn’t test it. They ruined my bath and kitchen Matt and now my fridge smells like coolant. THIS HAS BEEN WEEK 2. RUN AWAY.

Sophia H.