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2018/07/10. Failed. Related to Complaint.

2014/02/21. Failed. Last conservation Inspection #2793007. See details below. 39 Violations.

** Special Note: This building appears to have multiple hearings and court actions taken upon it that may still be ongoing. From the information available, it does not appear Beal has been in compliance since 2007 **

CN012022Failed to construct floor over basement with materials of at least one hour fire resistance, other than in single family and two family dwellings. (13-60-200)3825 N – basement – breached wall – filled in with bags of building debris – ceilings – exposed wood lath , floor , joists , and sheathing.
CN015062Failed to remove obstruction from exitway that hampers travel and evacuation. (13-160-070, 13-196-080)3825 N apartment 1W – rear exit door – double key lock – hampering egress.
CN061014Failed to maintain the exterior walls of a building or structure free from holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards or timbers and any other conditions which might admit rain or dampness to the walls. (13-196-530(b), 13-196-641)North, south and east elevations most notable from ground to 1, spalling brick and eroding mortar. Fire wall at roof above south east porch at hatch, missing, loose brick, eroding mortar. Gang way walls with eroding mortar and spalling brick. West courtyard walls throughout – washed out mortar with spalling bricks. 2 / 22 / 2014.
CN062034Failed to maintain roof coping in good repair and free from cracks defects. (13-196-530, 13-196-530(c) and 13-196-641)North elevation toward east end missing coping tile. 02 / 21 / 2014.
CN063014Failed to maintain chimney in safe and sound working condition. (13-196-590, 13-196-530(b) and (c), 13-196-641)Chimney with fractures and open cap joints. 02 / 21 / 2014.
CN069014Failed to maintain foundation in sound condition and repair and so it adequately supports the building at all points. (13-196-530, 13-196-530(a), 13-196-641)At basement exterior stairs and basement staiwells, also interior foundation walls, fractures, eroding mortar, spalling masonry. 02 / 21 / 2014.
CN070014Failed to maintain exterior stairways in safe condition and in sound repair. (13-196-570, 13-196-641)3825 rear basement stairs fractured and crumbling. All rear basement stairs missing hand and guardrails. 02 / 21 / 2014.
CN070024Failed to repair or replace defective or missing members of porch system. (13-196-570, 13-196-641)South east porch with 4×6 columns seated on blocks on retaining wall. Missing stringer bolts from 1 to 2 at wood members. 4×4 extension to bottom of 4×6 stringer support column inorder to bring it down to meet retaining wall is insufficient. South center porch with improperly cut lapp joint at 4×4 to 6×6 stringer support column extending from retaining wall to 1rst. Retaining wall crumbling and patched with concrete to extend under column. North porches with columns on slab, over extended 4×4 columns notched on 2 sides. Insufficient landing connections at masonry before 2 and 3. Over cut stringers. Insufficient 9 1/4″ tread depth with 8 1/2″ risers. Insufficient beam to column connections. Insufficient stringer anchors at various locations. Guardrails undersized at 40″. Obtain complete plans and permits for all porch repairs or porch replacement. Provide access to all porches. Arrange for inspection of all porches recently altered or rebuilt and have plans and permits on site at time of inspection. 02 / 22 / 2014.
CN073044Failed to maintain exterior door hardware in good condition and repair. (13-196-550(d), 13-196-641)West courtyard exterior doors – locks broken and unsecured – not locking properly.
CN074024Failed to provide porch which is more than two risers high with rails not less than three and one-half feet above the floor of the porch. (13-196-570(b), 13-196-641Northeast basement stairway [ gangway ] – guardrail – missing.
CN076034Failed to maintain roof gutters in good repair and working condition. (13-196-590, 13-196-630(b), 13-196-641, 18-29-1101, 18-29-1105, 18-29-1106)North gutters – rusted and leaking.
CN078014Failed to provide and maintain adequate illumination of exit areas. (13-160-660, 13-160-670, 13-196-080)North exterior basement areas – exterior lighting – missing. East porch at 3rd – lighting out – broken light bulb.
CN101015Failed to maintain interior walls and ceilings free from holes or cracks. (13-19-540(c))Basement laundry, storage and furnace rooms with penetrations in walls, ceilings, exposed joists, breached masonry walls exposing underside of interior stairs. 02 / 21 / 2014.
CN101015Failed to maintain interior walls and ceilings free from holes or cracks. (13-19-540(c))3825 N – front interior stairway wall at 1st – hole in wall.
CN102015Failed to maintain interior walls, ceilings and woodwork free from flaking, peeling, chipped or loose paint. (13-196-540(d))3825 N – apartment 1W – bathroom and hall ceilings – peeling paint.
CN103015Failed to maintain floor free from holes and wide cracks and free from loose, warped, protruding or rotting floor boards. (13-196-540(a) and (b))3825 1/2 basement slab with large fractures, sinking and collapsed areas, voids, insufficient support for columns. Also at north basements. 02 / 21 / 2014 – all north basements not seen . 3825 1/2 basement seen – ok.
CN104015Replace broken, missing or defective window panes. (13-196-550 A)3825 N – apartment 1E – south at 1st – window – broken pane. 3823 1/2 N – basement window boarded over – broken shards of glass on inside – cutting hazard.
CN106015Failed to maintain interior stairway system in safe condition and sound repair. (13-196-570)INTERIOR STAIRWELL 3825 1/2 WEAK LOOSE TREADS FROM GRADE TO 2nd , 3823 1/2 LOOSE TREAD FROM 1ST TO 2ND FLOOR. 02 / 21 / 2014.
CN134016Rid premises of rodents and seal rodent holes. (13-196-530 D, 13-196-540 A, 13-196-630 C)Thru-out basement areas, laundry, furnace rooms, storage, rat droppings. 2 / 21 / 2014 – most north basments not seen.
CN134046Cement floor of cellar or basement. (7-28-660, 7-28-700)Thru out basement areas holes in floor, voids, fractures. 2 /21 2014 – most north basements – not seen.
CN134056Provide tight-fitting metal strainer for floor drains to prevent ingress of rats into building. (13-196-580, 7-28-660)Thru-out basement areas, furnace rooms, storage, laundry- open drains. 2 / 21 / 2014.
CN134066Install rat proof material at base of exterior door. (13-196-530 D, 7-28-660, 7-28-700)Basement doors with gaps and openings. 2 / 21 / 2014.
CN138056Remove accumulation of refuse and debris and keep premises clean. (13-196-580, 13-196-630)3825 N – basement laundry area – excessive lint and dirt on wall and floor behind dryers. Northeast exterior basement stairway – excessive garbage and debris.
CN138106Remove and stop nuisance. (7-28-060)North basement laundry room with wet floors due to leaks. North east corner with garbage and debris shoved in between buildings. Interior of breached masonry walls under interior stairs filled with garbage and debris. 2 / 21 / 2014.
CN138106Remove and stop nuisance. (7-28-060)West courtyard – bricks on window sills throughout.
CN140016Keep premises clean, sanitary, and safe. (13-196-620 A, 13-196-630)3823 1/2 N basement – south wall – unsanitary conditions – mildewed. 3827N and 3827 1/ 2 N – basement – very unsanitary conditions – raw sewage on basement floor – DANGEROUS AND HAZARDOUS – health hazard.
CN140026Stop unsanitary and offensive condition caused by animals. (13-196-620 A, 13-196-630 B)North gangway / service walk – dog feces throughout – unsanitary conditions.
CN141016Stop noxious odors from permeating dwelling or premises. (7-28-060, 13-196-630)3827 N , 3827 1/2 N interior basement , and 3825 1/2N interior basement – noxious , sewer smells , odors .
CN190020Arrange for entry to inspect construction work authorized by recently issued building permit. (13-12-100)Arrange for final inspections on recently constructed porches, have original permit and approved plans on site at time of inspection. 02 / 21 / 2014.
CN197079Repair or replace defective or out of service smoke detectors and operate continuously. (13-196-130, 13-196-140)Basement smoke detectors throughout – out of service – low or no batteries.
CN197087Install carbon monoxide detector within 40 feet of every sleeping room in residential structure. (13-64-190, 13-64-210) A carbon monoxide detector is needed whenever there is a heating appliance on the premises that burns fossil fuel such as gas, oil, or coal, or air that is circulated through a heat exchanger. Install according to manufacturer instructions. A hard wired model requires an electrical wiring permit. In a single family residence, be sure the detector is on or below the lowest floor with a place to sleep. In a multiple dwelling residence heated by a boiler, install a detector in the same room as the boiler. Otherwise, each apartment follows single family guidelines. The owner is responsible for installation and written instructions, the tenant for testing, maintenance, and batteries.Basement laundry rooms and furnace rooms without carbon monoxide detectors. Basement laundry rooms and furnace rooms – carbon monoxide detectors out of service – low battery , no battery , or broken.
CN198019File building registration statement with Building Dept. (13-10-030, 13-10-040)Building not registered for 2014.
EL0036Install cover on outlet or junction box. (18-27-370.25)3825 1/2 N – basement ceilings – open electrical junction boxes. South exterior wall – at basement to 1st – open electrical junction box.
NC10012Enclose heating plant room by partitions, floor, and ceiling with at least 1 hour fire resistance. (15-8-220)All basement furnace rooms with doors not properly rated for fire, openings in ceilings, exposed joists, penetrations in ceilings and walls, breached masonry walls exposing the underside of the interior stairwells. 02 / 21 / 2014.
PL157017Repair or replace defective soil pipe. (18-29-102.3)Northeast basement 3827N , 3827 1/2 N – sewer drain pipe leaking onto basement floor – very unsanitary conditions – DANGEROUS AND HAZARDOUS.
PL157017Repair or replace defective soil pipe. (18-29-102.3)3825 1/2 broken and open piping. 2 / 21 / 2014.
PL157047Stop leaking water. (18-29-102.3)Basement laundry room on north side of building with leaking hot water supply. 2 / 21 / 2014.
PL157047Stop leaking water. (18-29-102.3)3823 1/2 N – basement – southwall leaking water.
PL170017Provide floor drain with metallic strainer. (18-29-402.5)East basement exterior – floor drain – strainer cover – missing.

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