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2016/05/25 Failed. Conservation inspection #11607203.
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CN015022Failed to hang exit door to swing in direction of exit travel in residential buildings where exit door serves more than one dwelling unit or in any building where exit door serves more than 50 persons. (13-160-250)Basement – south exit near laundry room – Exit Door from south stairwell swings in opposite direction of travel.
CN031023Failed to maintain properly charged fire extinguisher and to attach tag which clearly indicates recharge date and signature of the person who performed the recharge. (15-16-680)Basement boiler room – Fire exteinguisher recharge tag expired 2012.
CN044013Failed to fill openings around exposed pipes or power shafting with approved noncombustible materials. (15-8-640)Basement boiler room – Pipe penetrations missing fire seal materials.
CN107035Failed to maintain all exit signs illuminated when building is occupied and otherwise maintain exit signs in good condition. (13-196-090, 13-160-700 thru 13-160-770)Basement, 1st and 3rd floor corridors – exit signs out.
NC2011Performed or allowed work to be performed without submitting plans prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed architect or registered structural engineer for approval and without obtaining a permit to perform the work. (13-32-010, 13-32-040, 13-40-020, 13-12-050)Basement office – Office converted into dwelling unit without plans or permit. Submit Plans and obtain permit for all related work to authorize alterations basement floor office unit or restore the building to the original state. All work subject to review and approval by all related trades.
NC4012Failed to enclose interior stairwell in building not exceeding three stories in height with partitions with at least one hour fire resistance. (15-8-140)South interior stairs – Multiple doors missing at south stairwell.
NC5042Failed to provide 1-1/2 hour Class B fire door with self-closing device. (15-8-180)Basement boiler room – Missing fire rated B-Label door.
NC5062Failed to remove fusible links and/or other hold-open mechanism on stairwell doors in buildings where stairwells serve more than three floors. (15-8-180(c))North stairwell – Multiple stairwell doors being held open.
NC6012Failed to enclose public corridor in multiple dwellings with partitions, floors and ceilings providing at least one hour fire resistance. (13-64-020(b))2nd floor corridor – Access panel in wall does not fit over opening in wall to dwelling unit. Missing complete fire separation.

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