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2016/02/25 Failed. Conservation annual inspection #11246129.
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CN031013Failed to install approved fire extinguishers on every floor of residential building more than three stories in height and having floor area exceeding 3,000 square feet. (15-16-160, 15-16-640)All levels – corridors missing fire extinguishers.
CN061014Failed to maintain the exterior walls of a building or structure free from holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards or timbers and any other conditions which might admit rain or dampness to the walls. (13-196-530(b), 13-196-641)Southwest corner – washed out mortar.
CN062014Failed to maintain the parapet wall and coping in good repair and free from cracks and defects. (13-196-530, 13-196-530(e) and 13-196-641)Northwest and northeast parapet is severely damage, dangerous and hazardous, steel lintels above windows are severely rusted and delaminated, lintels are sagging with gaps above, parapet wall above main entrance of the building is out of plumb and dangerously leaning over the public sidewalk, masonry is bulging leaning outward with the risk of collapse at any time. Plans and permit are required, Safety Canopy is a must.
CN062034Failed to maintain roof coping in good repair and free from cracks defects. (13-196-530, 13-196-530(c) and 13-196-641)Southwest corner of building – missing coping tiles.
CN072014Failed to adequately protect fire escape against corrosion and to maintain it by scraping and painting the fire escape at least once every three years. (13-160-640, 13-160-650)Fire escape, scrape, primer and paint. mantain fire escape in good working condition.
CN078014Failed to provide and maintain adequate illumination of exit areas. (13-160-660, 13-160-670, 13-196-080)Throughout entire building all emergency lights out of service.
CN104015Replace broken, missing or defective window panes. (13-196-550 A)South elevation at grade – broken window pane.
CN105015Repair or replace defective door. (13-196-550)4th floor – missing stairwell door. 3rd floor stairwell door – overlaping door jamb.
CN105035Repair or replace door hardware. (13-196-550)Front stairwell 2nd floor door – missing self-closer.
CN107035Failed to maintain all exit signs illuminated when building is occupied and otherwise maintain exit signs in good condition. (13-196-090, 13-160-700 thru 13-160-770)All levels corridor and stairwell emergency light fixtures – failed test. Grade level missing front corridor exit signs ( permit required to install exit signs ).
CN190019Arrange for inspection of premises. (13-12-100)Interior of building – no response, unverified detectors and conditions.
CN197087Install carbon monoxide detector within 40 feet of every sleeping room in residential structure. (13-64-190, 13-64-210) A carbon monoxide detector is needed whenever there is a heating appliance on the premises that burns fossil fuel such as gas, oil, or coal, or air that is circulated through a heat exchanger. Install according to manufacturer instructions. A hard wired model requires an electrical wiring permit. In a single family residence, be sure the detector is on or below the lowest floor with a place to sleep. In a multiple dwelling residence heated by a boiler, install a detector in the same room as the boiler. Otherwise, each apartment follows single family guidelines. The owner is responsible for installation and written instructions, the tenant for testing, maintenance, and batteries.1st floor laundry room, missing carbon monoxide detector.
CN198019File building registration statement with Building Dept. (13-10-030, 13-10-040)Building – not registered for 2014.
NC6042Failed to provide approved self-closing devices on apartment doors opening upon public corridor in residential building over four stories high. (15-8-240(a)(5), 13-196-170)All fire doors are open at the end of public corridor, provide repair automatic self closers.

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