947-57 West Cornelia Avenue

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2018/10/05 Failed. Conservation Inspection #12693133 related to complaint.
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CN070014Failed to maintain exterior stairways in safe condition and in sound repair. (13-196-570, 13-196-641)3449-51 exterior concrete entry stairs-cracked and missing section of tread and riser.
CN190019Arrange for inspection of premises. (13-12-100)Building / no entry,unverified detectors,conditions,unable to verify complaint of 3449 basement apartment-rats inside walls.

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Apartment was freezing and management does not care

Rated 1 out of 5
January 15, 2021

I lived in a Beal building (957 W Cornelia) for 2 years and could not wait for my lease to terminate so I could get out. My apartment only had electric floorboard heating, which is designed for supplemental heating, though Beal passed that off as acceptable. It cost a fortune to pay the electric bill over the winter, with the heaters turned up to the maximum level and my apartment would remain under 60 degrees (F) despite Beal emailing residents reminding us to keep our apartments heated. I had several maintenance requests submitted that took weeks and several repeated phonecalls to have anyone come look, often even when they’d come they would “fix” it and then it would return to it’s previous state but it wasn’t even worth the energy to try to get maintenance back again. Any time I hear of someone looking to rent from Beal I discourage it, you could not pay me to live with Beal.